Beautiful, well-manicured nails

IG Nails CyprusBeautiful, well-manicured nails are not only the mark of a glamorous, confident and independent woman, but they’ll also help you to feel on top of the world adding grace and elegance to your overall appearance.

The nail design you choose is also an expression of your personality and character, so if you want to feel great and experiment with an array of different looks, don’t miss the exclusive brand of UV gels taking the fashion industry by storm – IG Nails.


What are IG Nails

When it comes to nail products, IG Nails are hard to beat offering a glossy, long-lasting finish that’s sure to turn heads. With low acidity and good flexibility they are as safe as they are comfortable to wear and can be applied to both natural nails and extension tips. Hardened underneath a UV lamp, IG Nails allow for easy processing and, as they’re incredibly simple to use, make the perfect addition to any professional or home manicure set.

What colours and shades are available?

Neon Color nails by IG Nails Cyprus

Colorful manicure with Neon Color Nails

Whether you want something sassy yet subtle, or bright and extravagant, you’re sure to find everything your heart desires from our nail fashion store. IG Nails are available in a wide array of colours and shades designed to match every outfit in your wardrobe, and if you fancy keeping things simple, clear gels will ensure your nails always look effortless – yet top-notch at the same time.

While French Gels are both classic and undeniably popular, you may also decide to spice things up by checking out nails art products Limassol that are fantastically elaborate including Neon Gels and Sparkling Gels – as well as the innovative and downright fantastic Nightlight and Thermal Gels.


Heading out after dark?

Night light gel - the perfect clubbing nail gel by IG Nails

The perfect Glow-in-the-dark Nails

Heading out after dark and Want to get noticed? Then Nightlight Gels could be just what you need.

Offering a gentle pastel shade with a slight sparkle by day, they charge up at night developing a fantastic glow-in-the-dark colour that will instantly get you in the party mood.

Are you looking for a change from your usual polish? Do you want a wow factor for your fingers when you go out at night, but still want something more demure for day wear? There’s no longer any reason to go through the messy process of changing your polish to suit your nightlife, because IG Nails UV Nightlight Gels offer the perfect solution. Fast drying and with a rock-hard finish, Nightlight Gels are designed to last and, as the shade is subtle by day, can be applied at any time – even before work – ready for your night on the town.

Let There Be Light!

IG UV Nightlight Gels look like a normal polish during the day, but while you are working they are ‘charging up’ for nightfall. UV Nightlight Gels have a gentle pastel color with a soft glitter by day, but when darkness comes they develop a stunning glow-in-the-dark color. Be prepared to amaze your friends and family with your mystic blue-green glowing nails! As with other UV Gel products, UV Nightlights are fast drying and have a rock-hard finish. Your nails will continue to look fabulous by day and wild by night for weeks after your salon visit.

Thermo Gels:

Thermo Gel Nails change color depending on temperature - by IG Nails

Thermo Nails change color

Like Nightlight Gels, Thermo Gels also offer an imaginative twist to any manicure set. As the name suggests, these products change colour depending on the temperature with a warmer environment or surface resulting in a lighter colour.

This means the colour can vary as you apply it to the nail as your nail bed is often warmer than the nail tip.

Colours vary from rich oranges and yellows – ideal for summer days by the pool – to mints, pinks and cool blues.




IG Nails are Available for retail and trade customers

IG Nails products are available for both retail and trade customers thanks to our B2B/B2B business model. So, whether you simply want to experiment with IG nail materials and products from the comfort of your own home, or are looking to update your professional stock from a reputable nails Limassol supplier, you’ve certainly come to the right place. Nails Fashion Products supplies gels and polishes to suit all needs as well as an array of beauty equipment that’ll ensure you can operate a successful nails Cyprus or international business.

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