The IG Nails UV Gel Professional System

Become a Nail Art professionalThe IG Nails UV Gel Professional System offers exciting, quality products at a reasonable price. We have a full salon range to help you grow your business and we have all of the necessary accessories and equipment you need to make your life easier at our e-store. Browse through our products today and find out how you can benefit from the IG Nails Professional System.

IG Nails and YOU: a winning combination!

The IG Nails Professional System has been developed by salon professionals for salon professionals. We have designed a range of quality products guaranteed to please.

  • IG UV Base Gel. Our base Gel is made in Germany to a professional studio quality.
  • IG UV Solid Builder Gel. With a calcium and vitamin-building complex, the IG UV Solid Builder Gel provides elastic coverage and easy application. We have clear and pink Solid Builder Gels available in medium and thick viscosities.

IG UV Sealing Gel. This product brightens nails and cures in two minutes. It is applied last to get a perfectly constructed nail. IG UV Sealing Gel is a medium viscosity, premium product with an elastic finish. Made in Germany.

  • IG UV Top Coat. This product is so easy to apply and leaves an unbreakable elastic layer with no dispersion. It can be cured under UV or LED lamp and gives a wet-gloss effect with a scratch-resistant finish.


5 Simple Steps with IG Nails UV Gel Professional System

Nail Art Professional salon

Become a Nail Art Professional

  1. Shorten natural nails to 1 millimetre and buff nails until the surface is matte. Apply cuticle softener and push cuticles back. Remove all nail dust with a cleanser. Dab a small amount of tip glue onto the inner surface of the nail tip and press artificial tips into position. Shape the tips and buff between the natural nail and artificial tip. Clean the nails again and apply a Primer to the natural nail ONLY.
  2. Apply the IG UV Base Gel. Use a thin layer and cure for 2 minutes under a UV lamp.
  3. Apply the IG Builder Gel to the point where the artificial nail meets the natural nail. Do not smear the gel: dab it on and allow it spread over the nail. If the IG Builder Gel runs into the nail groove and cuticle remove with a rosewood stick before curing. Buff and cleanse nails to remove residues and dust.
  4. Choose from our large range of IG Color Gels, IG Nightlight Gels or IG Thermo Gels and, add some glitz and glitter from our Nail Art collection. Apply two thin coats and cure for two minutes.
  5. Finally apply the IG UV Sealing Gel, and cure for two minutes. If you prefer a wet-gloss finish with even more scratch resistance, try our IG UV Top Coat.

Please store ALL UV Gels in a cool place far away from sunlight