Practical Advices

–          When you open new jars with gel, please remove completely the aluminum seal from the jars!!!

–         Prevent to model your nails outdoors. (Bubbles can develop in UV gels).

–          Always close the jars after applying each layer. Don’t store the jars near the UV Lamp.

–          Always slightly roughen your natural nails with a buffer or a file to increase the adhesion of the UV gel or tip.

–          If the UV gel is not adhesive enough or chips of your natural nails you might: not roughen the natural nails enough; not thoroughly degrease your natural nails; your nails have natural buildup of oil and greases. Always use a Primer to achieve a better adhesion.

–          Cut your artificial nails effortless with a tip-cutter or use a nail cutter instead. By using a nail cutter, cut the nail angular from each side to prevent the nail from breaking. Then file the artificial nails in shape.

–          Avoid applying too much UV gel. It can run onto your nail bed and can cause lifting; it could cause an unpleasant feeling on the nails. Instead apply multiple thin layers.

–          File or buff the edge of the UV gel to prevent the gel from lifting. Use a buffer or a fine-grained file. 

–          After 3 – 4 weeks you should refill your nails with gel. Again file the edges of your nails with a buffer or a fine-grained file. If you have a replace an artificial nail use a “Nail Remover” and file it off. Never remove by force! Then cut your natural nails into the desired length and apply the gel. If you have to file off a thicker layer of gel or have to replace a new artificial nail – always apply in multiple thin layers.

–          We offer a range of gels with different viscosities. Every natural nail is different therefore the gel should suit the demand of the client. If the gel does not meet your expectations you surely find one in our assortments. We would also be happy to help you by selecting the right gel.